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08 Jan 2021


15 May 2021


First glance

Relax and focus

Peace your soul, sleep well and stay calm. Meditation. Listen to lofi music.

Oh friends, I am mad
with love, and no one sees.
My mattress is a sword-point,
how can I sleep
when the bed of my Beloved
is spread open elsewhere?


Introducing Peace

Sleep. Music. Health. Breath.

Sleep well with your own sound mixing. Start a new day with motivating quotes. Deeply breath practice to keep calm and peace your mind. Super useful for meditation. Chillout your body with thousands of songs and lofi music. You can also listen to music while running and meditating. Mothers can play white noise for babies.


Onerity works

An iterate approach

We had been working together for a long time from talking to users, getting demand, designing wireframes, mockups, and then developing. After that, we bring the app to users to verify their needs and get feedback to improve. Iteratively developing like that in several months, we have launched peace - relax and focus.